Free video editing software for Windows

While the advanced user is busy studying the innumerable functions and options of his no less advanced sophisticated video editing software the glance of the non-experienced user wanders aimlessly through the articles and screen shots which describe how to edit a video file or make a home video. This simple free video editing software will amaze you with its simple and easy-to-comprehend interface. If you can't be a addressed to a an experienced computer user it will make the process of video editing clear and quick.

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If you are a semi-professional user or even a professional one you will appreciate the brief and elegant interface without the annoying unnecessary details and bright oppressive color scheme. Another peculiarity of this free video editing software is its total security. You may be sure that the installation file is free from any type of viruses of bugs and is absolutely safe to be downloaded and installed. Nothing will threaten you computer systems as well when you run the installed program. Having considered the question of security the developers of this video editing application also take into consideration that matter or personal data conspiracy. You won't need to enter your personal data such as e-mail, date of birth or ID to download and use the installation file. No passwords or identification keys are required to launch the program as well. All you need is to download the file, install it with the double click and launch the program.

The last but not least advantage of this video editing software is the fact that it is absolutely free. No single or recurred fees will be charged for the usage of this application. You will get the complete version of the application without paying a single dollar for it. The absence of the trial period will provide the possibility to install and start using the full version of the program at once. In that way you will get the best free video editing software at no cost. Don't miss your chance and check this application right now. The maximum productivity is combined with the minimum system requirements and the really tiny size of this program. You will be surprised having seen how little memory space is enough to maintain the proper functioning of this small video editor.